Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Brandauer Building

Great news today - a 'For Sale' sign has gone up on our old building which we sold nearly 10 years ago. The link is as follows:

It would be really brilliant if someone was able to buy it and refurbish it before our 150th anniversary in 2012. Keeping my fingers crossed! At one time it was to be a hotel and then perhaps a hall of residence for a university.

If you look at the building you will see that there are two parts to it. The original, built in 1862 is on the left and the other half was built in 1881. As my Father would say to me when we were together in the factory "Just go and fetch this for me from the New Wing". This always made me smile as it was already a 100 years old!

Like many industrial buildings of the Victorian period a great deal of money was spent on it and inside there is a lovely wood and metal spiral staircase, though many of the other features may no longer exist. Hopefully, the spiral staircase will be incorporated into the refurbishment and something special will be done with the gate keeper's cottage built into the front facade. You can just work it out if you know where to look!

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