Monday, 1 February 2010


An agreement, dated 29 October 1901, was made between Charles Johannes Immanuel Brandauer of Vienna and Frederick Charles Immanuel Brandauer of 401-414 New John Street West Birmingham and Joseph Letiere Petit and Joseph Henry Petit of the same address and Joseph Smith of Handsworth as trustee for and on behalf of the company agreed that C Brandauer & Co would be turned into a Limited Company.

To make this possible it was agreed for the sale of the business of C Brandauer & Co and the assets and goodwill thereof to a Limited Company and to be named C Brandauer & Co Ltd with a capital of £240,000.

The two Brandauer names are the sons of the Founder Carl Henry Immanuel Brandauer, who had died by 1901. However, Joseph Letiere Petit who had been in partnership with Carl Brandauer was still working. His son, mentioned above, Joseph Henry Petit was the first of his sons to join the business, prior to this agreement, and my great Grandfather.

On 3 December 1901 the above mentioned parties and including C Brandauer & Co Ltd state that since the execution of the earlier agreement (29 October 1901) the Company has been incorporated as agreed and adopted by the first four names and that Joseph Smith from this time is discharged from all liability under the agreement.

It is interesting to read that it took nearly 40 years for C Brandauer to be incorporated and that by 1901 my great, great Grandfather had become a partner. In the near future I hope to write about when Joseph Letiere Petit became a partner as he certainly wasn't at the beginning in 1862 as many believed.

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