Friday, 5 February 2010

Products - the early years

When Mr C Brandauer took over the partnership of Ash Petit in 1862 he bought a dip pen manufacturing company. Over the next 100 years C Brandauer & Co Ltd produced millions and millions of dip pens which were exported throughout the world. The Company name was printed and on view on everything they produced from the pens to the beautiful boxes containing the nibs, and from stationery shop display boxes to adverts in the popular London magazines of the period.

The city of Birmingham was renowned world wide for manufacturing thousands of products including dip pens produced by C Brandauer & Co Ltd and its competitors. However, C Brandauer & Co Ltd is one of the few remaining companies established in Birmingham during the mid 19th century and to be manufacturing today in the same city during the 21st century. Further information about Brandauer products from more recent times will be written about in due course, so watch this space!

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