Monday, 1 March 2010

Joining up - WWII

It is generally agreed that World War II began on 1 September 1939 with the invasion of Poland by Germany.  This was followed by declarations of war on Germany by most of the countries in the British Empire, the Commonwealth, and by France.

Many employees and directors of C Brandauer & Co Ltd had been in WWI such as my great Uncle, Captain Garth Petit MC who had won his Military Cross in France.  

A letter, dated September 2nd 1939 was received by the Company Secretary, Mr G O Howard Smith, of C Brandauer & Co Ltd, as follows:

Dear Sir

We, the Staff & Workpeople of C Brandauer & Co Ltd would like to express the very deep admiration and regard we feel for our Director, Mr Garth Petit, who, by his ready response to duty has set us all such a wonderful example.  His calmness in the present situation, so characteristic of him in all difficulties which present themselves before him, has given us courage to carry on with our work as bravely as we can, as we know it would be his earnest desire that we should do.

With his customary thoughtfulness, Mr Garth has promised that any one of his employees who should be called up to serve his Country would not suffer in any way financially through his enforced absence from work, and we most sincerely trust that he, himself, will receive this same consideration.

On behalf of the Office Staff - [signed] J L Batcheloy
On behalf of Light Pressing Department - [signed] D H Edwards, Assistant Manager
On behalf of Workpeople - [signed] R G Berridge, Works Manager
[Also signed] M E Price - Works Engineer

This letter is referred to in the Minutes of the Board of Directors on Thursday 28th September 1939 as follows:

The Secretary submitted a letter from members of the staff expressing goodwill to Mr Garth Petit on his rejoining the Army. 

My great Uncle must have been a much respected Director for such a letter to be written to the Company Secretary and I am very appreciative that the words in it have been recorded for posterity. 

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