Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Job acceptance

As previously mentioned it was always thought that Mr Carl Brandauer and Mr Joseph Letiere Petit started C Brandauer together in 1862 as partners. As has now been establised my great, great grandfather was not a partner initially but may have been employed by the partners of the firm from the start. Mr J L Petit must have been of a certain position by the mid 1870s (and I look forward to discovering this in the near future) as his eldest son Joseph Henry Petit, at the age of 21, wrote accepting a job at the factory on 26 October 1876 as follows (presumably written with one of his Father's pens!):


I accept with much pleasure your kind offer of a situation in your employ, as assistant, for the period of six years, at the following terms, viz; £150 per annum from Oct 1st 1876 to Oct 1st 1878, £175 per annum from Oct 1st 1878 to Oct 1880, £200 per annum from Oct 1st 1880 to Oct 1882; after that to be increased to not less than £250 per annum. I shall at all times be happy to assist in any department. I shall make it my special study, to further the interest of the firm, to the best of my ability; by so doing I hope to gain your esteemed confidence. Trusting that I may be able to give you satisfaction and thanking you for your kind offer.

I beg to remain
Yours obediently
Joseph H Petit

To Messrs C Brandauer & Co

And in 1882, Joseph Henry Petit, now married, wrote to C Brandauer & Co accepting, again, his current position as an employee for a further six years. His salary began at £250 per annum and rose to £300 per annum in 1884, and to £350 per annum in 1886 to 1888. Joseph Henry Petit continues to be found in minutes of the Company for many years to come and we will meet him again at a later date when he becomes a shareholder and partner, joining his Father and Carl Brandauer's sons in the business which as noted in an earlier Blog became a limited company in 1901.

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