Wednesday, 27 January 2010

How can you help?

There are lots of ways to help me with my search for information about C Brandauer & Co Ltd. Here are some ideas:

1. Do some searching on the web - see what you find and let me know or just leave the website address on this Blog and I'll have a look. Don't think that I'll know about it - I might not.
2. Ask friends and family - perhaps they know someone who knows someone - you get the idea?
3. Information on manufacturing in Birmingham during the last 150 years - what was it like to work in other industries? That kind of information would be most helpful eg the Cadbury family built a village.
4. Maybe you are or know a historian who could be of help?
5. Are there local Associations in Birmingham that could help me. My great, great grandfather lived in Hansworth Wood. I believe the house he built has or is about to be demolished.
6. I know that many people lived in the back-to-back houses - I would be interested to learn more about this
7. Old maps of Birmingham would be useful, too
8. Do you know anyone who worked for the competition?
9. Who currently owns our old building and what is going to happen to it?

That's just a short list but I hope it helps. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Big thank you Marie-Louise

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