Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Company Trade Mark

On 2 February 1876 C Brandauer Co filed with the Trade Mark office the new Company trade mark that was to be used on all pen boxes manufactured by the Company.  It is of a kneeling archer with wings, similar to a cherub and can be seen below. 

It is interesting to note that this trade mark was also used by Carl Kuhn & Co in Austria, Carl Brandauer's Father-in-law.  I do not know why two different companies were allowed to use the same trade mark, though in different countries.  Perhaps as Carl Kuhn had put a large sum of money into the Birmingham business and they traded for many years it was felt that they were somehow 'sister companies'.

Each trade mark is filed and checked that it doesn't belong to anyone else.  If it is satisfactory then the trade mark is published in the Trade Mark Journal as this one was on 31 May 1876.  Along with the trade mark the owner of it has to choose the correct class of goods or services.  The Brandauer trade mark is listed as:  Class 16 - Steel or metallic pens and penholders.  Below is a picture of a pen box label showing the trade mark incorporated in the artwork.

C Brandauer & Co Ltd still own this trade mark and it is up for renewal on 2 February 2012, our 150th anniversary year.  I sincerely hope that it is renewed for a further 10 years.

My Father, Mr Joseph Adrian Petit, was so proud of the Company trade mark that he incorporated a similar figure in our family crest.  The kneeling archer is facing the other way and is slightly amended but it is a marvellous connection with our industrial and family roots.  Perhaps the Company will incorporate the trade mark in its 150th celebrations.


  1. Hi Marie
    I work for UrbanWorkSpace and thought you might like an update on what's happening with the Brandauer Building. Please get in touch with me on shellyane.v.bryan [at] gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. Hi Marie, I was looking for C. Brandauer's No. 517 pen nibs to fill in my grandfather's old C.B.&Co. pen nibs box and I found your very nice blog... It's a pleasure to read it, I'm very glad to know a little about the company's history, but very sad to know the nibs that made that history are now very hard to find museum pieces...

    I found this old building photo at net and I hope you enjoy it (if you don't yet know it)!!!


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

    Sergio Garilli (garilliwatchmaker@hotmail.com)

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