Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How it really started!

Recently, an old German contract has been translated and gives very useful information about the formation of C Brandauer and Co Ltd in Birmingham. This marvellous document, dated 23 April 1862, states that Mr Friedrich Kohler, born in Schonberg, near Freudenstadt and Mr Carl Heinrich Imanuel Brandauer, of Stuttgart, have, by agreement, and on joint account, purchased the steel nib factory of Messrs. Ash Petit and Co in Birmingham for the abovementioned purpose. It goes on to say that they shall be joint partners for the period of 10 years which has already been in existence since 13 February 1862 and will continue until 12 February 1872.

Mr Petit is, of course, my great, great grandfather Joseph Letiere Petit. However, nowhere in the contract does it mention that Mr Petit would be involved in the new business. This means that the story about Mr Petit and Mr Brandauer setting-up business together is not completely correct. Further on in the document it mentions that Mr Brandauer is not required to personally participate in the management of the business, and that he may appoint a deputy for himself, with a salary of up to £200. As yet I have not found out who the 'deputy' was but perhaps it was my great, great grandfather? I shall let you know as soon as I do!

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